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SKin addiction Magazine
is the art of seduction, published in Colombia for the world The world’s most desirable women and the hottest pictures, exclusively in the best publication for today’s leading professional!

SKIN ADDICTION MAGAZINE is an international publication for successful men with excellent taste SKIN ADDICTION MAGA- ZINE will be produced in Columbia with distribution points in Miami, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Panama. 

SKIN ADDICTION MAGAZINE will reflect the readers’ lifestyle through content in the areas of Art, Fashion, Culture, Film, Music, Automotive, International Celebrities and sexy, hot, sensual and glamorous women. 

For the first time, a Spanish language publication will introduce readers to comics The models featured in each issue will be part of our comics as well as our advertisers, which will offer an adventurous entertainment world. 

Our advertising will focus on the international market, through companies who target entertainment and fashion such as: Liquor, Tobacco, Watches, Automotive, Perfumes, Clothing, Night Clubs, Spas, Beauty Products, Tourism and Entertainment Venues. 

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